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    So, you think youíve seen every calendar idea known to man. Angels, babies, bunnies, cars, kittens, puppies, landscapes, naked humans . . . been there, done that. Thereís just nothing really different out there, right?

    Oh, you donít know how full of poop you are! Welcome to Monthly Doos, the calendar that chronicles a fact of life that has touched us all. The calendar with photographs so beautiful, you can almost smell them. But thereís more to Monthly Doos than just high art. Oh, yes. . . inside youíll find fun facts and quotes about manís best friend, and manís best friendís . . . ďbestĒ work.

    Admittedly, Monthly Doos isnít for everyone. But for the dog lover in your life, for the person looking to discover something really different, or for someone who just enjoys beautiful photography, Monthly Doos will make a great gift.

    ďMonthly Doos, when you care enough to give a crap!Ē


    Christmas special!

    The Most Adorable Christmas Bear Ever
    only $12.95



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